Our mission:
The company's goal is to produce ideas that can be manufactured by us or any other company.
We will also sell patented and patent-pending products directly to investors. Fryken Ltd will invite a
selected group of companies and investors to share or information about products that are not yet
made public in patent documents or in the media. By presenting new products directly to potential
buyers so will these businesses have the opportunity to evaluate the products before its made
Info for Buyers of patents
What you should know:
Send a request for access to pages with patented products. Learn more.
How we will work together:
You now have a rare opportunity to gain access to new products before most other potential
buyers. Fryken Ltd can also assists with product development in your company. All "problems"
are opportunities for us - and for you, so do not miss what's going on Fryken Ltd.
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Coming soon
Coming soon
Welcome to:
Fryken Ltd
Link to pages with patents and products for sale. Only authorized
companies and investors have access.

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